About Us

What makes us stand apart from others in the industry is the approach we take to assisting our clients.

Because we are able to ask questions and listen to our clients, unlike an internet travel booking site, we are able to get to the heart of what our client wants. We love getting to know our clients. We cultivate trust with our clients by staying in contact with them and keeping the lines of communication open as a running dialogue until all the pieces and parts of the trip are decided. Our clients refer us to their family, friends and colleagues because they know, like, and they trust us. That is why we have enjoyed such tremendous growth.

Our services focus on bringing together all of the elements of your vacation to create a seamless experience that exceeds your expectations. The service we provide begins with understanding your exact travel profile – what your individual needs and expectations are, and then, we work to pair you with the most suitable package. We stay away from a cookie-cutter or high volume approach to our process, favoring customized travel and unique experiences.

Let us connect with you so we can provide you with the best options for your perfect vacation that allows you to truly vacate your everyday life, relax and enjoy yourself.

Aside from our passion for travel, we are actively involved in raising awareness for various causes and sit on several local boards.

About Chief Experience Officer Scott Hunter

After spending 25 years in the automotive industry, I made the move into travel over 12 years ago when I purchased a Cruise Holidays franchise. Now, as the chief experience officer of Cruise & Travel Experts with Scott The Traveling Man, I stress a focus on the agent's relationship with the consumer rather than the supplier.
Through my travel's and industry training over the years, I have not only learned the ins and outs of general travel and the industry itself, but have also gained in-depth knowledge and certification from various vendors including Master Cruise Counselor (MCC).

Top Destinations:
Alaska, Europe, Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Jamaica, Australia

River Cruises, Alaska Land & Sea, Europe Land Tours, Ocean Cruises

Recent Trips:
Alaska, Seine & Danube River Cruises

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